LAKELAND, Fla.-- Lakeland commissioners got the final approval they needed to relocate the confederate monument to Veterans Park.

  • Commissioners get approval to relocate confederate monument
  • Currently sits in Munn Park, relocating to Veterans Park
  • City trying to raise $225,000 for relocation

After hearing from more than two dozen people who were equally divided on the issue, the Lakeland Historic Preservation Board Design Review Committee unanimously approved the city's request to move the monument.

It currently sits in Munn Park, which is a historic district. 

In its vote, the board agreed with the city that moving and relocating the monument would not adversely affect the character or historic or architectural integrity of the Munn Park Historic District.

"It's a district, it's not just the park with the confederate statue. It's a district. All of the things surrounding it. The buildings. All of that makes up the district. Looking at everything, that’s how we came up with it….Not that it's not historic, because it is. But its removal did not impact the historic nature of the Munn Park historic district in our opinion," said Lakeland Historic Preservation Board Design Review Committee member Lynn Dennis, who made the motion to approve the city's request. 

David McCallister, Commander for the Tampa branch of Sons of  Confederate Veterans,  said his group may consider filing a lawsuit to appeal the board's decision. 

The next step for the city is finding people who are willing to pay for the relocation of the monument. 

The city is trying to raise $225,000.  As of July 20, the city has raised $10,576.