LARGO, Fla. — The roadside memorial in Largo for two-year-old Jordan Belliveau continues to grow. The question city leaders are beginning to discuss is just how long it will remain in that spot in its current form.

  • Memorial located on public sidewalk
  • Officials: Memorial to remain for "a respectful amount of time"
  • City leaders to discuss future of memorial next week

The balloons, stuffed animals and candles line the sidewalk just a few feet from where that two year-old’s body was found Tuesday. 

Many of the items got soaked by recent rain, and the balloons deflated over time.

City officials said the memorial is on a public sidewalk just outside of the Highland Recreation Complex. They plan to leave the memorial up for a respectable amount of time, but couldn’t give an exact time limit.

They are expected to meet next week to discuss the future of the memorial. One option is to remove the items, give them to the family and allow them to purchase one of the brick memorials at Largo Central Park.

“We’re certainly going to leave them there for a few days,” said Largo Recreation Parks and Arts Director Joan Byrne. “A respectful amount of time and I can’t tell you exactly what that’s going to be." 

"At some point we will have to remove those things," she continued. "We’ll box them up and probably first offer to give them to the family and see what they would like and if they would like to have those and what they would like to have done with them.” 

Byrne said she met with officials from Parkland after the shooting there, and she hopes to use what she learned about how they handled the memorials during that tragedy for direction with this one.