TAMPA, Fla. — Princess Ulele is no longer. 

  • Princess Ulele bust removed from Tampa Riverwalk
  • Bust is 11 feet tall and 1,800 pounds
  • Bust removed over property issue

If you've been to the Tampa Riverwalk, you've probably seen the 11-foot bronze, 1,800-pound bust near the Ulele Restaurant.

Crews removed the Native American princess statue from the riverwalk property Tuesday morning. 

It was quite the process as the bust was secured onto a crane and hoisted up onto a flat bed truck. She's had been in place since December. But for months, Mayor Bob Buckhorn had been saying the bust must go. 

Richard Gonzmart, who owns the Ulele restaurant just a few yards away from the riverwalk, ordered and paid for the bronze bust. He said the statue was created to help celebrate Florida’s Native Americans. A separate statue of Ulele will remain on the restaurant property.

But the city says Ulele is technically on city property - not private restaurant property - and not permitted to be there. 

So she was taken away before the sun came up Tuesday. 

Until Gonzmart can find another location, Princess Ulele will sit in a nearby warehouse.