TAMPA, Fla. — Thousands of children's lives are being transformed in the Bay area thanks to one of Major League Baseball's brightest stars and his wife, who make their home in Tampa. 

  • Carlos Carrasco, wife Karry created Carlos Carrasco Foundation
  • Foundation focused on enriching childhood education
  • Effort started locally, has gone international

Cleveland Indians pitcher Carlos Carrasco is a star on the mound. At home, his MVP is his wife, Karry. 

Together, they are an unstoppable team. 

Though Carrasco plays in Ohio, they call Tampa Bay home. 

He's been in the big leagues for nearly a decade, but the road there wasn't easy.

“He always talks about how there were people that gave him shoes, that gave him a mitt, and thanks to those people, he is where he is today,” Karry Carrasco said. 

That success story inspired the Carrascos to pay it forward. 

“We had a need to help, a need to contribute. And since that day, we started the Carlos Carrasco Foundation,” she said. 

The goal: enriching childhood education by creating opportunities for disadvantaged children, supporting youth baseball and promoting youth literacy and healthy lifestyles.

Effort goes international

It originally started locally, in Tampa and Cleveland.

Over the years, however, they've gone international. They have sent food and other basic needs donations to kids in multiple countries, including their homeland of Venezuela. 

“You see every smile in those kids' faces that are getting supplies, those are feelings that you can’t explain. As a human, it fills your soul up. It makes you feel like, wow, you’re doing something good for the community,” Karry told us. 

Here at home, the couple has one priority: making sure minority and disadvantaged kids go to college. 

“That’s why we visit schools, donate books, and we read [to kids]. Because I think it’s so important that that type of learning starts at home,” she said. 

Recognition for Karry

Now, Karry Carrasco is being recognized for her work through the foundation.

Each year, Tampa Hispanic Heritage, Inc. honors Hispanic community members who've made a difference in eight leadership categories. 

On Sept. 20, she will receive the award for her contribution in education.

Because, she says, what better way to encourage kids than leading by example?

“If my husband was just like these kids, growing up with nothing, and he could make it to where he is today and he could finish his education, then we can all do it!” she said.