TAMPA, Fla. — The removal of the Princess Ulele statue from Tampa's Riverwalk is causing some controversy at city hall.

At Thursday's City Council meeting, council member Yvonne Yolie Capin blasted Mayor Bob Buckhorn and his administration's decision to remove the statue.

"You know, if it was his bust, he'd light it up," she said.

The statue was put up by Richard Gonzmart who owns the Ulele restaurant on the Riverwalk. It was positioned on a lawn area near the restaurant.

Gonzmart said it was a way to pay tribute to Florida's Native American history. City officials, however, said it was on city property, and that's not allowed.

Capin praised Gonzmart for the charity work and businesses he's brought to the community.

"This is how you thank him," Capin said, referring to Gonzmart. "This is an embarrassment. There should be a street named after this man."

She went on say the Ulele statue was "a tribute to Native Americans that we ignore, and we have this in our history and embracing this Ulele."

The statue has been moved to a warehouse until Gonzmart decides what to do with it.