Family members of the mother and teen killed in a triple shooting in Brooksville say they are leaning on each other for support.

Taneta Morrell's sons and Brene Marshall's brothers say they're shocked their loved ones are no longer with them.

"You wish that you had a chance to say goodbye. Not having that opportunity to say goodbye is probably about as worst as it gets," Rashawd Morrell, Taneta's oldest son, said.

The mother and daughter were killed Tuesday night after some sort of confrontation at their Brooksville home. Deputies say the suspect then ran to a nearby vacant home, causing an hours long standoff before he was taken into custody.

Taneta's boyfriend, Adolphus Washington, was also shot and was taken to a local hospital in critical condition. Her sons said they think of Washington as a stepdad.

Rashawd said he was in Cleveland when he heard what happened. He quickly gathered his family and made their way to Florida.

"My grandmother had called me and she by the sound of her voice I knew something tragic is going on," Rashawd said.

"It's really hard for me because my kids are in the car and I want to keep it under wraps for them and make sure they stay protected until I can peacefully break down what's going on to them. Because they, all in all, they think we're here to see Mimi is what they call her," he added.

Rashawd said Brene was full of life and his mother was one of the most caring people he knew.

"My mom and my sister they were beautiful women they had an abundance of love for me my wife my brother everybody that's here that has been here they have made an impact on your life once you ran into them," he explained.

The family said the one thing that's keeping them going right now is loving and supporting one another.  

"Honestly I'm very angry. You know I'm very angry and I'm doing the best I can to you know channel that," Rashawd said.

"Everyone in their places, in their homes, at work, just take from this and love one another, your sisters, your brother, cousins, people that do you wrong. Just love one another, because at the end of the day when things like this happen you can't say, 'I'm sorry.' You can't say, 'Please forgive me.' There's nothing you can do," Laron Adams, Taneta's other son, said.

The family said they are planning a vigil Friday on what would have been Brene's 17th birthday.

Thursday, the Sheriff's Office said at the request of the State Attorney it is not identifying the suspect until charges are officially filed.