TAMPA, Fla. — As the Panhandle recovers from Hurricane Michael, there are many in the Bay Area who are trying to help in any way they can. 

Thanks to many local businesses, groups, and individuals, donations are piling up, with many knowing it could have been them who lost everything.

“There isn’t any reason to think that couldn’t have been the Tampa Bay area. You really feel for those people,” said St. Petersburg resident Craig Kavanaugh, who donated several items. 

Things like food, water, diapers, gas cans, and other items are still badly needed. Getting them there is also an issue. 

That’s where St. Pete pilot Jennifer Lockwood comes in. Last year she formed “Sol Relief," an organization that gets pilots to donate their time and planes to deliver supplies to disaster areas.  

“We have about 40 pilots that have volunteered their time and planes and the cost of the fuel. They’re willing to take these flights into areas of destruction,” Lockwood said. 

Five flights went to the Florida Panhandle Saturday with more happening over the next few days. 

Elsewhere, State Rep. Kathleen Peters suspended her campaign for Pinellas County Commission and has turned her Tyrone office into a donation center. 

“We need to keep Florida strong. Floridians are really good at coming together and supporting the rest of the state,” Peters said. 

For Peters’ drive, you can donate at her St. Pete office at 6798 Crosswinds Drive, Suite C-102.

To help Sol Relief, visit their website solrelief.org. You can also drop off items at Albert Whitted Airport.