CLEARWATER, Florida – More than two dozen cats and dogs once sheltered in Georgia are looking for new homes in the Tampa Bay area.

  • Rescued cats, dogs arrive in Clearwater
  • The animals were brought from Georgia
  • Volunteers hope to find them suitable homes

They were rescued from a shelter in Albany that was affected by Hurricane Michael. Staff from Sunshine Animal Hospital in Clearwater went up last week to retrieve all the animals.

"This shelter was in desperate need," veterinarian Kristen Brauer says. "They didn't have power and so they're running on generators. The pump for their well wasn't working really well so they didn't have great running water. So they asked us to help them."

A total of 22 dogs and 27 cats were loaded up on trucks and driven to Clearwater where volunteers hope to find them all suitable homes. Bauer says this is her way of doing her part to help people in areas hit hard by the hurricane.

"Helping animals is helping people because people are so worried about their pets," Brauer says. "And by taking these animals that were already in a shelter up for adoption, we're freeing up space for people's displaced animals to go somewhere and be cared for, so that they can be reunited later."