"Thanks for stopping by and visiting our planetarium," said Dr. Craig Joseph to the 42 people in the St. Petersburg College Planetarium.  "I'm gonna show you what's up in the evening sky tonight." 

An Astronomy teacher and Director of the Planetarium, Dr. Joseph leads two planetarium shows every Friday evening, free of charge.

It's just this month, things are weird—like weird creepy.

Super weird creepy.

The normally quiet hallways on the second and third floors of the building are littered with horror.

"It started small with like happy-faced pumpkins and things like that-- just cutesy things,” said Dr. Joseph, “and then we started getting skeletons the next year -and more skeletons and zombies.”

Fast forward a couple of years and there is an alien autopsy in a makeshift morgue, poker-playing skeletons in student study booths and a gaggle of terrifying toddlers stalking the small rotunda leading to the planetarium.

That’s just a tiny, tiny part of the set-up.

As a result, they've reached creepy capacity--for storage anyway.

"There's skeletons in my closet at home, there's skeletons under my bed, skeletons in the trunk of my car, in the planetarium store room.” 

Said Dr. Joseph, laughing. ”I mean they are pretty much everywhere.”

The crowds always surge in October for these free shows for "some education and entertainment," according to Dr. Joseph.

Entertainment especially thanks to the added attractions.

"They'll sit down by the skeletons and take selfies and stuff like. It's just a really fun thing to do for Halloween," said Dr. Joseph.

I’m sure this makes sleeping with skeletons under your bed worth it.