BRANDON, Fla. — Linda Davila moves boxes around in a small storage unit in Brandon. 

The unit is filled with toiletries, furniture, cleaning supplies — you name it. 

They are donations, which she’s piling up for her next trip to the Florida Panhandle to help Hurricane Michael victims. 

This is actually the second trip for Davila and her organization, Boricuas De Corazon. The team departed with the first round of supplies in mid-October and originally planned on staying a little over a week. 

"(It) turned into 17 days. People responded so good from different places," Davila said. 

The organization spent that time helping families who lost everything during the storm. 

In the same way that they (helped) us when we (were) in Puerto Rico, it's like a sensation. Like, it's like a compromise. We need to help them, because they (helped) our country one time,” she said. 

One unique advantage the group had — the ability to communicate in Spanish.

Davila said they came across many migrant farming families who were otherwise too scared to get help. 

"There was a lot of presence of law enforcement everywhere and people got, like, a little bit scared to go in through these places that had everything that they needed," she said. 

She says they couldn't have done it without the multiple other groups that joined forces with them.

"You feel so blessed that a lot of people are being united with us in order to make a difference with them," she said. 

The group plans on returning to the Panhandle on November 18. In the meantime, they are still collecting donations. 

If you would like to donate, you can contact Boricuas De Corazon at 954-496-1463.