ST. PETERSBURG, Fla. — A popular place to find the perfect Christmas tree made a comeback just in time for the holiday season.

  • Gallagher's Pumpkins & Christmas Trees back in business
  • Business was hit by tornado on November 2
  • Black Friday kicks off their holiday season

Gallagher’s Pumpkins and Christmas Trees on 4th Street was hit by a tornado on November 2.

They had to scramble to be ready for truckloads of trees to arrive just a few weeks later.

“I had to rebuild all the tents,” said David Gallagher.  “There was only one tent that was partially standing, and everything else was flat to the ground.”

But they did make it back open in time for the Christmas rush. Gallagher’s is now into their 31st season and glad to be able to continue a holiday tradition for their customers.

The Gallaghers spent thousands of dollars to buy new fences, poles, and tents.

“We used the money we made during the pumpkin season to get back in business,” Gallagher said.  “I didn’t want anyone worried we wouldn’t have Christmas trees.”

Black Friday kicks off their holiday season. Trucks were arriving Friday from Michigan full of fresh trees.  Some of trees still had snow on them.