LARGO, Fla. — Largo Police arrested and charged a woman Wednesday in connection with her allegedly driving under the influence of a narcotic with a 4-year-old boy in the vehicle, according to the agency.

  • Miranda Stoll, 27, facing DUI, child neglect, possession of methamphetamine charges
  • Police: Stoll failed field sobriety tests, decline to give urine sample
  • Child now in custody of Department of Children and Families
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Miranda Stoll, 27, was charged with DUI with a minor in the vehicle, neglect of a child, and possession of methamphetamine.

Investigators said Stoll was driving on the 7600 block of Ulmerton Road at 7:05 p.m. when she hit a curb and ended up with a flat tire in the parking lot of a Largo Fire Department station.

Firefighters called an officer to the scene to do a welfare check on Stoll. The officer said he observed Stoll walking back and forth in a frantic state, moving her hands up and down, along with scratching her arms.

Based on his experience and training, the officer said Stoll was exhibiting signs of narcotic use.

Stoll then failed field sobriety exercises, but her breathalyzer results came back at zero for alcohol. Stoll declined to provide a urine sample, according to the arrest report.

At her first appearance in court on Thursday, Stoll asked the judge if he’d release her on her own recognizance because she doesn’t have any money or support.

“Is there any chance I can get an ROR, because I don’t have anybody here that can help bond me out?” she asked. 

Judge Frank Quesada lowered Stoll’s bond on two charges.

“Ma’am, on the DUI, I’ll reduce your bond to $250. On the possession of a controlled substance, I’ll reduce that to $1,000,” he said. "Your bond will remain the same on neglect of a child.” 

Stoll told the judge that the Department of Children and Families now has custody of the boy.