Hillsborough County investigators have confirmed the person who shot a Plant City business owner to death Monday night is a woman.

Authorities say the woman opened fire after Richard Bliss shot two of her relatives during a dispute inside an office at Bliss Enterprises on 3940 Knights Griffin Road E.

William Duncan, who was related to the woman, died from his wounds.

The woman's name has not been released because she was not arrested or charged.

Investigators haven't said yet whether that will happen. One legal experts tells Spectrum Bay News 9 that Florida's stand your ground law could play a role in her defense.

"The question would be whether or not that individual was entitled, if charged, to use stand your ground, and the answer is absolutely," said Kevin Hayslett, a Clearwater attorney.

A spokesman for 13th Judicial Circuit State Attorney Andrew Warren would not comment on pending charges but said in a statement, "We are actively working with the Sheriff's Office on this investigation."

Spectrum Bay News 9 has learned deputies have responded to Bliss Enterprises nearly 40 times in the past three years for assault, batteries and domestic violence complaints.

Investigators say the dispute stemmed from Bliss' frustration with the two men living on his property.

A third shooting victim remains in the hospital.