How about this for some Saturday motivation? At 96 years old, a Tampa woman is beating the odds by lifting some serious weights.

  • Edith Traina, 96, competes as a powerlifter
  • Traina was the oldest competitor in Saturday's competition
  • "The Edith Traina Inspirational Open" is named in her honor

Edith Traina is the oldest person to participate Saturday in the powerlifting contest that was named in her honor: “The 2018 Edith Traina Inspirational Open."

Traina said she got into weightlifting by accident when a friend convinced her to join her at the gym.

"I have a friend, Carmen, who is the lady who dragged me kicking and screaming all the way to the gym," Traina said.

"It's an ego builder. Nobody believes this but I have always been very shy," Traina said.

What started as a past time, has turned into her passion. Traina lifts at least three times a week.

"When I lift that bar up, as I'm lifting it up in here I hear words like “oh my God” I'm doing it," Traina said.

Because she’s the only one in her age group, Traina technically has no competition but makes sure to constantly push herself.

"If I find I'm sitting in a chair for a whole day, and not doing anything constructive, the next day I light a fire under my tush and get out of the house," Traina said.

She is already a winner, but wants a challenge and hopes someone will step up and accept.

"I can't find any other 90-year-olds to compete with so if you know anybody that has a grandmother or friend who would like to compete with me,” Traina said.

It’s an open invitation from a remarkable woman who lifts barbells and the spirits of everyone she meets.

Traina isn’t slowing down anytime soon, she said she’s already planning her centennial birthday celebration.