In every industry someone has to give you your first break. Well, the Morean Arts Center in St. Petersburg is giving six emerging artists their "break" in the form of a chance to have their work seen in the center's "Fresh Squeezed 2" exhibition.

Whether you like photography, paintings, or puppets there’s something for many different tastes on display here.

These artists are all just getting started, some having their work in a show for the first time.  

“We’re a community art center and that’s our mission, is to connect with our local artists and to really give them all the support that we can,” Curator Amanda Cooper said.

The six artists on display were selected out of about a hundred different applicants from across the state. It’s the second time the center has showcased emerging artists in their “Fresh Squeezed” series.

The artists all have different takes. Lauren Mitchell focuses on life in Florida. Catherine Gomez’s work is about human interactions.

Matthew Cicanese works for National Geographic and focuses his photographic work on what he calls “Underdog Organisms.”

Katrina Sarah Mitchell’s photography showcases the role of women. Glenyse Thompson’s paintings are inspired by arguments between people.

But Copper said one of the big crowd pleasers has been the puppets by Jack Fields. You certainly can’t miss them as you walk through the exhibit.

There’s even a short video of some of the puppets in action.

“It’s fun to watch people come in here and say, 'What in the world am I looking at?” Cooper said.

Cooper also said she hopes this will be just the beginning for these artists.

“It will be kind of cool to kind of say, 'Hey, I remember I saw her show back at the Art Center in 2018 when she had her first show and now she’s showing in a museum or doing this kind of thing,'” she explained.

All of the artists work is also available for purchase. Cooper says since the artists are just starting out, much of their work is reasonably priced.

The artwork will be on display until April 27.