ST. PETERSBURG, Fla. — Producers of a movie for The Hallmark Channel gave back to the local St. Petersburg community with donations from the set.

The plot of the movie "Garden Party," revolves around a community garden.  Crews have been shooting the film at various locations in St. Petersburg.

After wrapping up some garden scenes over the weekend, producers donated mulch from the set to a real community garden nearby.

"Life imitates art," said Executive Producer Lincoln Lageson.

It's a feel good twist from a network known for its feel good story lines. Aila Erman, who runs the Old Southeast Neighborhood Community Garden, says the mulch was donated after she spotted it on the set from the window of her high rise condo Saturday morning.

"On the roof of the James museum and the parking garage, there was a garden in full bloom," the 78-year-old Erman said. "And I looked again around 11:30 or noon and everything was gone except for the mulch and one guy sweeping up."

Erman said she inquired about the mulch and a couple days later, was able to transfer it all to the garden. She and others who use the garden said they are excited to see the mulch on TV come the movie premiere April 6.

Lageson said the crew is also donating some of the plants used in their fictional garden to Habitat for Humanity.