CLEARWATER, Fla. — Blanca Rossano is a teacher that loves to inspire her students through her love of horses. 

In a classroom at the Service Learning Micro School in Clearwater, Rossano instructs students in a hand work class. Students in the class create arts and crafts that will be sold and the money will be donated.

The students also care for and maintain animals - from turtles up to horses. 

In her free time, Rossano can be found spending quality time with kids and horses. She said her passion for her students and horses made her want to connect them in some ways. 

"She (Rossano) has such a passion for that," said School Founder and Principal Jaime Manfra. "So in her spare time, she meets with different students and utilizes her horses to bring about emotional and social support with those students."

Introducing her horse Florecita De La Passion to the students, Rossano explains to the kids to be calm around horses as they mirror people's feelings. 

"If you find that peaceful place within you and come to a horse, they will communicate with you beautifully."