TAMPA, Fla. — Jane Castor has been sworn in as the new mayor of Tampa.

Castor took the oath of office Wednesday morning just after the city council members were sworn in. She becoms the 59th mayor of the city of Tampa.

Tampa's former police chief, Castor is taking over as mayor from Bob Buckhorn, who has been mayor for the last eight years.

In addressing the crowd at Tampa's Armiture Works near downtown, Castor thanked her family and friends and city officials for their support. She also adressed several former mayors in attendance, including Bob Buckhorn, and thanked them for their contributions.

"I will work tirelessly everyday to maintain your trust," Mayor Castor told the crowd. "As mayor I will work tirelessly to make sure every neighborhood has a chance to flourish."

Voters decided between former Tampa Police Chief Jane Castor, and billionaire philanthropist David Straz, Jr. at the polls in April. 

Castor ultimately had 73.1 percent of the vote, while Straz had 26.9 percent of the vote.

Castor will have plenty of challenges to deal with: transportation and traffic, affordable housing and winning over the east Tampa neighborhoods that did not vote her way during the election. 

Spectrum Bay News 9 Democratic Political Analyst Ed Narain said the first three to six months of the new mayor's watch has a lot to do with the city she is behind handed today.

"Whoever is elected is going to ride a little bit on the coat tails of the person that came before them," Narain said. "So while Mayor Buckhorn had a great economy, he also had a mayor previous to him in Ms. Iorio that was able to keep the city finances stable and do some good things so that when he became mayor and the economy recovered. 

"He was able to put some programs in place. I think you will see the same thing here."

Castor inherits a city budget that is in the black for the first time in 10 years.