FLORIDA — An organ donation saved a Bay area woman's life 11 years ago. Since then she's made it her life's work to encourage others to be donors. 

  • Evelyn Logon, son Jasiel volunteer for LifeLink
  • Pair raised $11,000 with help of Jasiel's employer, GTE Financial
  • More than 5,800 Floridians waiting for organ transplants
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Evelyn Legon waited for years for a liver transplant she couldn't survive without. Then she finally received welcome news.

“For me to have been so special and blessed to have received an organ, it’s a blessing,” Evelyn said.

More than a decade later, her son Jasiel says she’s better than ever, and they know that every day, especially this Mother’s Day, is a gift.

“We weren’t sure if we were going to have a Mother’s Day. So it’s really special to celebrate it now and have the extra time that we’ve been given,” Jasiel said. 

The two are also using their gift of life volunteering for LifeLink, the organization that helps those in need of organ transplant find a donor and give their families support. 

“This is what I do now, advocating for organ donors,” Evelyn said. “When someone says they’re not one, I explain to them the importance of how one person can save up to eight lives.”

With the help of Jasiel’s employer, GTE Financial, they were able to help raise $11,000 for LifeLink, which in turn helps to raise awareness about organ donations.

“There are so many sick people and people that are waiting,” Jasiel said. “So it’s so important that we think about others and give the gift of life.”

That gift of an organ saved Evelyn and she hopes others can give the same.

“It’s been even extra special every Mother's Day," Evelyn told us. "I'm thanking my donor family every single day of my life.”

According to LifeLink, there’s more than 5,800 Floridians waiting for organ transplants and more than 115,000 across the country.