TAMPA, Fla. — If you love to fish in Florida and have a passion for Red Snapper, then you need to prepare.

  • Fishermen will need to sign up as a Gulf Reef Fish Angler 
  • Anglers are encouraged to send feedback 
  • Visit MyFWC.com to learn more about this season

The recreational red snapper season will start June 11 in Gulf state and federal waters and will remain open through July 12, closing July 13.

The season will only last 32 days, but for-hire operations that do not have a federal reef fish permit are eligible to participate.

These operators must have State Gulf Reef Fish Charter on their license to target red snapper and other reef fish in Gulf state waters, excluding Monroe County.

This can be taken care of for no cost at a local tax collector’s office.

Anglers fishing from private recreational boats will need to sign up as a Gulf Reef Fish Angler, to target red snapper and several other reef fish in Gulf state and federal waters excluding Monroe County, even if they are exempt from fishing license requirements.

Sign up as a Gulf Reef Fish Angler at no cost at GoOutdoorsFlorida.com or visit any location where licenses can be purchased. 

Gulf Reef Fish Anglers may receive a questionnaire in the mail regarding their reef fish trips as part of Florida’s Gulf Reef Fish Survey.

The survey was developed specifically to provide more robust data for management of red snapper and other important reef fish, and has allowed FWC the unprecedented opportunity to manage Gulf red snapper in state and federal waters.

For anglers who want to share catch information with FWC electronically, the Angler Action Foundation has developed a smartphone app for logging red snapper fishing trips.

This app is available on app stores by searching for iAngler Gulf red snapper for private anglers or if you are a charter operation you can use iAngler Gulf Red Snapper via Charter.

Whether you use the iAngler app, provide data dockside to FWC staff or receive a Gulf Reef Fish Survey in the mail, the data you provide helps the foundation learn more about the fisheries.

If you receive a survey in the mail, please respond whether you fished this season or not.

The federal season for for-hire operations with federal reef fish permits is June 1 through Aug. 1.

To learn more about the recreational red snapper season in Gulf state and federal waters, including season size and bag limits, visit MyFWC.com/Marine and click on “Recreational Regulations” and “Snappers,” which is under the “Regulations by Species – Reef Fish” tab.