KENNEDY SPACE CENTER, Fla. — Next weekend marks 50 years since the first moon landing and the Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex is celebrating mankind's giant leap with new exhibits.

  • 12 trees planted for 12 Apollo missions
  • New sculpture of first men on the moon
  • Re-imagined Apollo/Saturn V Center opens on Monday

12 trees from seeds that orbited the moon have been planted in the new Moon Tree Garden outside the Apollo/Saturn V Center.

The 12 trees represent the 12 Apollo missions.

Rosemary Roosa's father flew the seeds these trees came from on Apollo 14.

"These trees represent the future, the past and the present," said Roosa who is also president of the Moon Tree Foundation.

The 12 new moon trees replace a 40-year-old Moon tree that was knocked down during Hurricane Irma at the visitor complex.

The wood from that tree was made into a plaque to honor 50 years since Apollo 11.

Also on the grounds of the Apollo/Saturn V Center is a new sculpture of Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin and Michael Collins in their spacesuits called "The Eagle Has Landed".

Inside the reimagined Apollo/Saturn V Center, there is new projection mapping on the side of the mighty rocket that lifted astronauts to the moon.

The Visitor Complex also lowered the Lunar Module 9 to give guests a better view of what is one of just three existing lunar modules designed for an Apollo mission.

"(There is) amazing interest, and attendance has certainly increased, so there's an enormous amount of interest and pride, American pride of what we did in the 1960s," said NASA Communicator Mark Smith.

Guests can also get a closer view of the Command and Service Module.

If you want to recreate what it was like on July 20, 1969, a new living room and bar scene have been added to make it feel like you were there when Neil Armstrong made the giant leap for mankind.

The public can get a chance to experience the re-imagined Apollo/Saturn V Center starting on Monday.