INDIAN SHORES, Fla. — Indian Shores residents who recently ate at Lu Lu’s Ice Cream Shop, where a woman was reportedly caught on camera spitting in ice cream and urinating on ice cream utensils, are demanding answers from officials about potential health risks.

During a Tuesday meeting with property owners from Indian Shores, attendees all said they fully support Lu Lu’s Ice Cream Shop. But they have serious concerns about the health hazards that may have been caused by the woman arrested last week in connection with the disturbing incident, Jung Soon Wypcha.

Investigators said Wypcha works right next door from Lu Lu’s at the Food Mart in Indian Shores.  She reportedly went through a shared space of the businesses, entered the ice cream shop and committed the acts.

That’s why people who have patronized the ice cream shop want to know if they were exposed to anything that could make them sick.

“How do we know that the person that did all this did not have a disease or even Hepatitis A? In our community are they being warned, whoever ate there?” one woman said during the meeting.

Lots of questions, few answers

It’s a warning the people in this room say they expected from local officials, especially after learning more details about what Wypcha is accused of.

Reports said she was seen on surveillance video using the bathroom with the door wide open, not washing her hands and then opening the ice cream freezer at Lu Lu's and putting her hands inside.

She’s also accused of picking her nose and putting it in ice cream, then spitting in the ice cream. The report goes on to say Wypcha urinated in one of Lu Lu’s ice cream churning buckets, emptied the urine in the sink where they wash their utensils and then putting her hands inside of a bucket of ice cream in the freezer.

Another property owner asked Indian Shores Police chief Richard Swann if they could test Wypcha.

“Does the states attorney’s office have the authority to do that, to request a blood test?” she said. “Could you tell us where we should go to push that issue?”

“I do not know the individuals health status," Swann said in response to the question. "I don’t know whether or not she is but I would tell you that that’s going to be a request that’s made at the time of the invest and at the hearing, as to whether or not it’s possible to have her tested."

Next steps?

We checked with officials with the Department of Business and Professional Regulation and they said they’ve worked with the owners of Lu Lu’s, which has disposed of more than 200 items that may have been contaminated.

Officials with the health department said they have a limited role in this case and that they only deal with reported food-borne illnesses. They did report receiving calls from people asking about health risks involving the contaminated ice cream, but there isn’t anything they can do, especially since there were no food-borne illnesses reported.

As for the criminal investigation, Swann said he’s never seen anything like what was in the video in this case, and has a message for anyone thinking of doing something like this here again.

“That’s a first for me,” Swann said. “You’re not going to do stuff like that in Indian Shores and get away with it.”

Wypcha is out on bond and police say she has been banned from the ice cream shop.

The owners of the shop, meanwhile, say they've gotten rid of the bad ice cream and now want to see justice served. They said their business has suffered, but they're thankful the community is standing by them.

Friends of the owners have started an online fundraising campaign to help Lu Lu's deal with the losses and get back to business. To learn more about the fundraising effort or to make a donation, visit the campaign's GoFundMe page.

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