PINELLAS COUNTY, Fla. — With Hurricane Dorian gone from Florida's east coast, residents are discovering and reporting dozens of ruined sea turtle nests along the beaches.

Experts we spoke to say the best thing you can do if you find one is leave it alone. 

  • Sea turtles nest 4-5 times per season, laying over 100 eggs each time
  • Turtles expect some nests not to survive
  • Contact FWC immediately if you find a nest or lost baby sea turtle
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“Turtles have been here for millions of years, and they’ve evolved some strategies that would help them cope in weather situations,” says Theresa Arenholz, director of Sea Turtle Trackers

Sea turtles nest four or five times a season, with each nest holding over 100 eggs. 

Arenholz says turtles expect some nests to not survive, which is why they nest so often. 

“Even during the years where there are major storms, sea turtles overall aren't impacted with their overall population,” she says. 

Sea Turtle Trackers has received inquiries on how the public can help these nests during large storms. They suggest, however, that it’s better to leave these nests alone. 

"Sometimes the best thing you could do for a sea turtle is to leave them alone,” says Arenholz. “They are going to be OK. It’s scary, but they will be OK.”

Experts say if you find nest or a lost baby sea turtle, to contact Florida Fish and Wildlife immediately.