ST. PETERSBURG, Fla. — Earlier this month, British Airways canceled almost all its flights for 48 hours due to a strike by pilots over salary. As many as 195,000 travelers were impacted by the cancellations. 

Members of the British Airline Pilots’ Association were due to walk out again on September 27, but have since called off the 24-hour planned strike. 

The union said Wednesday that a 48-hour strike earlier this month had demonstrated the “anger and resolve of pilots.” But Union leader Brian Strutton said, “now is the time for cool heads and pragmatism.”

The airline offered pilots an 11.5% pay raise over three years, but the union says its members want a bigger share of the company's profits.

The union accuses British Airways of making big profits at the expense of workers who made sacrifices during hard times. British Airways' parent company, IAG, made a net profit of 2.9 billion euros ($3.2 billion) last year.

Strutton said pilots are determined to be heard.

"They've previously taken big pay cuts to help the company through hard times. Now BA is making billions of pounds of profit, its pilots have made a fair, reasonable and affordable claim for pay and benefits," he said. 

Customers who were affected by the cancellations earlier this month were offered full refunds or the option to rebook.