TAMPA, Fla. — What pairs well with candy? According to kids, anything- even a little learning.

Night at the museum at the Tampa Bay History Center is a gumdrop dream.

The trick-or-treating event is slated for Sunday, October 20.

Historical interpreters dress in period costuming and give out more than treats—they pass on a little knowledge about their life and times.

There will be Florida Cattlemen- Crackers, women in Victorian era clothing and even a 1700s French pirate.

Oh, and kids love the pop culture icons from Star Wars, courtesy of the 501st Legion, Star Wars costume club that takes part in community events.

“It’s so neat because we have so many different eras of history plus pop culture and other characters,” said historical interpreter Ross Lemoreaux, “We hope kids here not only have fun like a traditional Halloween event, but learn a little along the way.”