MEXICO — An investigation is underway, and the White House and FBI have offered to help with it, but Mexico's president says the matter is, "Mexico's responsibility" after nine American women and children were killed in an ambush.

  • Mexican officials say drug cartel likely behind massacre
  • Some officials say it may have been a case of mistaken identity
  • Mexico's killings are on the rise

"We have no explanation for it. What kind of man opens fire on women and children, because they knew they were women and children," said Julian Le Baron, a family member of a victim.

The nine who were killed in the ambush were all members of the same Mormon community.

Eight other children were caught in the assault, and some were injured. All are expected to pull through.

"Christina's baby faith, she was in the car seat in the back seat, which is where she was able to survive," said Kendra Lee Miller, another family member of the victims.

"It's a miracle that any of them are alive," added another relative of the victims, Willie Jessop.

Mexican officials say drug cartel members were likely behind the massacre.

"Why did they do it? The only explanation that people have put out there that's half logical is that the people that did it, did it to provoke some kind of reaction," Le Baron said.

An investigation is underway, but no arrests related to the attack yet.

Relatives of the victims say they are frustrated by the lack of answers thus far.

"We want the truth, we want to know who did it, we want to know why and we want it brought to justice," demanded Le Baron.

Killings in Mexico are on the rise. In 2018, Mexico had 33,000 homicides, the most it has ever seen. The country is set to break that record this year.

Officials and family members of the victims are at odds over whether the cartel mistook them for a rival, or if the family was targeted.