AUBURNDALE, Fla. — Sometimes, life really is just fun and games. 

A Polk County couple just fulfilled their dreams by opening up a board game store in Auburndale. 

And they are inviting the entire community to come out and play. 

Erik Henriksen, 43, took on the venture after being laid off from The Ledger newspaper in May. Along with his wife Jill, the pair opened a board game store Fire Bunny Games

"I'm very grateful," Henriksen said of being ableto open the store. "It's exciting, it's fun to be able to do something that I enjoy - you know, working in a field that I enjoy playing in for so long."

The store allows families to play games in its library for $5 a day. 

"We thought it would be a good value for the families in the area to be able to bring their families out, have a game night, and then they don't have that big investment into a $40 or $60 board game to play once or twice," said Jill Henriksen . "Here they can play a variety games to see what they like best."

And, anyone who brings their own board game in can play for free. 

The store also sells hobby board games, likely ones most people probably have never heard of. 

"The pickings in Polk County are pretty slim," Erik said. "You got to go to Orlando to find a major game store."

Erik and Jill said they spent a lot of time researching the games they have for sell here and even went to conventions this summer and met some of the designers. 

Erik said a draw to opening the store is that there’s always new games coming out. He said there were more than 3,000 games that came out in 2018 alone.

Family friend Melissa Woodward said she believes the store gives area families a chance to come together, getting people to the table at the same time again. 

“I think its really needed in this day and time with all of the kids doing everything on their tablets," Woodward said. "Hardly no  interaction."

The Henriksens said it is like they've rolled the dice by starting a new business.

Now they're looking for community support.