PINELLAS PARK, Fla. — Pinellas Park police will be out Tuesday targeting drivers at elementary and middle schools and construction zones. 

They’re looking to see if drivers are using cell phones while driving.

The law allows officers to pull drivers over if they spot drivers texting while driving. Prior to the law, a driver had to be pulled over for something else before they could be cited for texting while driving.

Violators could receive a citation for what is now considered a first offense.

It basically states that if you use your cell phone while you’re driving through a school or construction zone, then it has to be “hands free.”

It’s the second, and more strict, part of Florida’s texting and driving law that went into effect July 1, making sending messages while driving a primary offense.

Pinellas Park police say this enforcement effort is educational—meaning they won’t necessarily be giving tickets today—however, police say consider this your reminder of the new law.

And come January 1 you will be fined if you’re caught using your cell phone in school or construction zones: It’s a civil fine of $166.