PASCO COUNTY, Fla. — Pasco County commissioners planned to head to Tallahassee Wednesday to speak with lawmakers about the county's 2020 legislative priority issues.

Among them is HB 2015, a bill that would set aside $3.25 million to help ease flooding in the Lake Worrell Acres, Bass Lake Estates, Crane's Roost, and Crescent Forest communities.

"It's a big inconvenience, but we deal with it. I mean, it's beautiful when it's not flooded," said Jerrold Mace, whose home sits near Lake Worrell. 

Mace said several feet of water surrounds his home for weeks at a time in late summer. His neighbor, David St. John, said he used to get more than a foot of water inside when he lived on a different side of the lake but has moved to higher ground.

"I don't think it would ever get this high, but it is a concern. If it gets up into the road here, I'm only two feet from getting flooded," St. John said.

According to information from the county, storm water from the neighborhoods flows into the Boggy Creek system. An appropriation from HB 2015 could be used to expand the system's capacity.

Another possibility is new conveyance paths near Hidden Lake Airport and behind Pasco-Hernando State College on Ridge Road to get water into the creek more directly.

Valerie Cox said she's lived in the Bass Lake Estates area for 20 years. Like St. John, she said she's been lucky -- her home is on higher ground, and she's never been flooded. It's a different story for her neighbors.

"It had gotten so bad that the rain, the water, raised the lake so high that it went into their pool area," Cox said, referring to a home across the street.

She said she's glad to hear Pasco is making the project a priority.

This is just one of bills county lawmakers were expected to advocate for on Pasco County Legislative Day. You can learn more about this year's priority issues here.