SARASOTA, Fla. — Sarasota Memorial Hospital is diving into the world of virtual reality. 

On Thursday, dozens of doctors and nurses went through a virtual blueprint of their new hospital under construction in Venice. 

Organizers say they want employees to critique the plans, in hopes to make every individual workspace as efficient as possible.  

“When things are efficient, patiences are seen faster,” says Dr. Jason Kurecki, Medical Director of SMH. “And when there is an emergency, every moment matters.” 

Using VR technology, the contracted group, FLAD Architects can make instant changes to the official blueprint. 

“Before the hospital spends money with the build, lets put it in the virtual world and get it right,” says Steve Jackson, FLAD architect. “It’s a really cost effective way to do things.” 

As the construction continues, organizers hope to incorporate more VR technology to keep patient experience and efficiency on the forefront