CLEARWATER, Fla. — Evidence of more than 40 "grave-like anomalies" have been found on property near Clearwater Intermediate School.

A report was released Friday afternoon after crews spent days looking for lost African-American graves.

The draft report says ground penetrating radar found evidence of 44 grave-like anomalies.

They are consistent with graves identified more than two and a half to about five and a half feet deep.

The site was formerly the North Greenwood Cemetery, and all the graves were supposed to be moved decades ago.

The investigation also found numerous disturbances that could indicate areas where burials were removed.

These discoveries were made on both sides of Holt Avenue, which includes the city, Pinellas County Schools and Homeless Empowerment Program.

"We got a draft report that suggests that there are in fact graves on the site, and further work is needed and they intend to do that,” said Clearwater City Manager Bill Horne. “And we will be engaging community partners in what that might need and where we go from there."

Zebbie Atkinson, Clearwater Upper Pinellas NAACP president, added: “There’s a question that needs to be answered. We need to work tougher to find the answer so that all hearts are satisfied in the end."

The next steps include taking a closer look underground and developing a site management plan.
Everyone involved says they’re going to work together with sensitivity and solidarity.

A final report is expected at the end of March.