ORLANDO, Fla. — With University of Central Florida classes moved online because of coronavirus concerns, so has the College of Business Administration's job advising.

  • UCF College of Business Administration helping seniors secure jobs
  • Some companies pausing recruitment, but UCF helping seniors through that
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University of Central Florida seniors are working to secure jobs just weeks before graduation.

UCF College of Business Administration Senior Alison Fischetti is hard at work, trying to land her dream job in marketing.

"I've submitted over 100 resumes. I am in the interviewing phase with several companies," Fischetti said.

She misses the in-person interactions on campus, but she's taking advantage of the business school's now virtual advising.

"With the career coach's help, it's a lot more positive feedback than I've been expecting," Fischetti said.

You can hear a pin drop on UCF's campus with all classes moved online.

College of Business Administration Career Coach Brian Malcolm said they're offering the same services, just virtually.

"(We) prepare them and walk them through the job search process and get them connected to employers," Malcolm said.

He said some companies are rescinding offers and pausing recruitment, but they're helping students through that.

"We've been able to formulate a list of companies with active positions right now that we can still push our students toward," Malcolm said.

He wants students like Fischetti to be able to put their best foot forward to get their dream job.

"It is a stressful time, that's not something we can hide, but I do want to substitute that stress with confidence," Malcolm said.

Fischetti said she's looking forward to the rest of her job hunt.

"It does make me feel a little bit uneasy, but I'm not trying to focus on that. I'm trying to stay positive," she said.

A UCF spokesperson told Spectrum News 13 more than half of their graduates receive job offers or start working by the time they walk across the stage.

Spring commencement though has been canceled, the university is looking into holding the ceremonies in the future.