HERNANDO COUNTY, Fla. -- Drowning deaths among children have doubled this year compared to past years. And experts say the pandemic might be to blame. 

Doctors at Johns Hopkins All Children's Hospital have seen 18 drowning cases between March and May. Compare that to only seven in that time frame the past couple of years. 

"Most pediatric drownings happen in a child's own pool or hot tub or a bathtub in their house. And because we know that statistic, having a child at home more often makes it for opportunities like that to happen," Dr. Patrick Mularoni said.

Experts say if you have a pool, make sure there are multiple barriers blocking access to it, and do not leave toys in the water. 

Watch the video above: Hear from a Hernando County mom who started the non-profit "Swim for CJ," which raises awareness for child water safety, after her three-year-old son drowned last year.