PINELLAS COUNTY, Fla. -- A Pinellas County woman dedicated herself to the rescue and well being of hundreds, if not thousands, of dogs and cats. 

What You Need To Know

In 2015, after spending years with Pinellas County Animals Services, Elizabeth Olson founded the non-profit "Rescue Pink," dedicated to helping people and animals through spray/neuter, assistane with re-homing, and preventative vet care with an emphasis on spaying and neutering. 

"I decided to concentrate on spay and neuter because there's so many good organizations in the area that are helping to rehome, and I wanted to tackle the original problem which is over population," Olson said. 

Olson said she's been concerned for animal well being all her life. 

"I've always been a huge animal lover. I used to cry when King Kong died or any kind of movie where an animal died," she said. 

Olson has been honored with a presidential lifetime achievement award for her years of volunteer work with animals. 

Animal fostering is also extremely important and over the years, Olson has helped rescue and foster hundreds of animals. 

Her own pets now are three dogs and two cats. 

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