ST. PETERSBURG, Fla. — A Bay Area native is putting a spin on the ride sharing service. 

What You Need To Know

Instead of dropping off passengers like Uber and Lyft, his company is delivering prescription medication at a time that he says our area needs it most.

It’s what Courmed founder, Derrick Miles said is encouraging news for Bay Area residents who need those vital prescriptions filled. That’s mostly because it doesn’t require you ever leaving the comfort of your home in the middle of a pandemic. Not to mention, it’s free for the customer.

“All you have to do is go on to our website, put your name and address in. we identify the closest independent pharmacy to your home and we refer you to their pharmacy and then you never have to leave your house ever again for healthcare items,” Miles explained.

Miles came up with the business concept for Courmed years ago and launched in other cities like Dallas, Birmingham, Alabama and Scottsdale, Arizona. 

Bay area native Derrick Miles is the founder of Courmed. (Spectrum News image)

All of those cities eventually became Covid-19 hotspots. And so did Florida, where Miles was born and raised.

“The fact that I’m born and raised in Tampa Bay, Florida, my parents are in Tampa Bay, they’re getting older, we want to be able to provide service not only to my family but to all the residents in Tampa Bay,” Miles said.

With the launch of their Bay Area office means new jobs for our area. “The unfortunate thing about Covid-19 is 40 million people lost their jobs and there’s people who want to make additional revenue,” he said. “Here in Tampa Bay we’ve already put up jobs in Tampa, St.Pete as well as Clearwater. I think there’s already 100 people who’ve signed up already.”

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