In an effort to create masks that could be worn nearly all day, Tyton Designs in Bradenton invented a mask/face shield hybrid. 

“The material is light on the skin, so you’re not sweating from a hot fiber mask,” says Ty Salvatore, Tyton Designs’ Owner. 

Salvatore used to make wheelchair accessories but quickly switched gears when masks were in short supply. 

Now, with his two children going back to school, he wanted to create something that could be comfortable, safe and useful.   

“I was born hearing impaired, so reading lips was super important growing up,” Salvatore explains. “This mask has vinyl so you can see through it, and it can be cleaned easily.”

More than 1,000 hybrid masks have been purchased for bus drivers in Pasco County Schools. 

“We just want to help our people,” says Salvatore. “The response from the community has been excellent.” 

Masks can be purchased online for children, or adults, for $3 each.