ST. PETERSBURG, Fla. —  It wasn't meant to be.

It was only the second time in franchise history the Tampa Bay Rays reached the World Series.  

Now, the team and its fans will have to wait for a little longer.

The Rays are leaning on some spiritual inspiration after a heartbreaking loss the to LA Dodgers in Game 6 last night.

Father Tom Anastasia of St. Matthew Catholic Church in Largo has donned a Rays Jersey in addition to to his clerical uniform since 2014, offering the team a kind of device coaching.

"It’s the same way you minister to anyone really, You speak to the heart of the matter. You speak from the sacred scriptures. You spend time listen to what they’re going through," Father Anastasia said.

Rays fans are likely in need of some heavenly counsel today too.

Even as game 6 played out, there was excitement for a game 7 that will never happen.

"What's up, we're the city of champions, can't even help it. It's part of the life," Chris Beck said as he cheered the team on.

Last night's loss though gives fans a reason to celebrate.  About how far the team came this season, and about how far it may go next year.

"We going to come back next season, we coming back baby," said John Escolano.

It is unclear if the Rays will cut its payroll during the off-season as a result of the pandemic.  

Some teams have already decided to cut payrolls.