When art stores closed, makers and creators sought out their own materials, one artist found peace in broken pieces of ceramics.

“Well, I keep trying to stop making mosaics, but as I just love the process,” says Susan Curry, a self-taught Cortez artist.

With art supply stores closed, Curry turned her beautiful broken plates saved in drawers over time.

“I just started mosaicking,” she said.

The mosaics often showcase faces and characters from cookies and other home ceramic goods.
“There is a particular kind of face that I look for, and I like the brokenness of them,” Curry added.

The process involves buying thrift store plates and cookies jars for the characters on them and then cracking their ceramic faces.

“I don't think they look as good if the face doesn't crack and I use black grout, so she's going to have a seem because we are broken,” Curry said.

“Nobody is that porcelain little cherub,” she added.

Curry says through this pandemic she hopes people remember we are all the same.

“I wish people would just stop being so judgmental because that's what it's all about, isn't it?” said Curry. “And there's nothing to judge, you know, just be nice and do the best that you can, be kind and do the best that you can. That's my motto.”

You can see Susan Curry’s work this spring at the Gallery of State College of Florida.

Check out their website for more details.