PALMETTO, Fla. — The pandemic many still be in full swing, but so is the help of the community.

“I see the need on a daily basis. Not every other day, every single day that people need food,” said Shirley Pearson, who helps the organization Mayors’ Feed the Hungry.

Breakfast food to soups to pastas to canned veggies, the organization Mayors’ Feed the Hungry, along with the PTSD Service Association, set up a donation location in Palmetto Saturday with a special emphasis on helping the veteran community.

“I get emotional even just thinking about if we don’t have the food, how can we help these people?” said Pearson.

The community certainly did not disappoint, coming out in full swing with bags and bags of food.

“Everyone needs help…..everyone needs help,” said Donna Nagy, who dropped off a donation.

Everyone — including the four-legged members of the family.

“We lost our baby about a year and a half ago so we wanted to make sure that other people are able to feed their pets,” said Gail Long, who also came to drop off a donation, containing mostly pet food.

Dozens of bags of dog and cat food were also dropped off.

“If I have a dog and I lost my job, and I don’t have food, that tells me my dog isn’t going to have food. So we’re trying to help the animals as well,” said Pearson.

To help those, help those, who help us all most.

“The pets give you the comfort that you can’t get — you can’t go and see your grandchildren and you can’t go and see your own kids, but you have your pet. You can get that kind of love from them and it’s an unconditional love,” said Long.

If you want to help out but couldn’t make it to the event, visit​