MANATEE COUNTY, Fla. — When Shannon Foreman lost her job, she enacted her business plan for a nanny swim service.

"If it weren't for COVID, I don't think I would have my business," Foreman said. 

In June, she took a chance and posted about her business, Natasha's Nurturing Nest, on a new Facebook page supporting Black businesses in Manatee and Sarasota Counties.

“I posted it and that's where my first family came from," she said. "And I had over like 150 inquiries in one day for nanny services, not even the swim services that I offer.”

Foreman says offering swimming lessons was a no-brainer, especially considering statistics on swimming proficiency in the Black community.

"And when I realized that there was a high percentage of Black children or people in general who didn't know how to swim, I was like, I have to offer this,” she said. “And I was so afraid also to put it out there because, you know, there is little to no representation of black swim coaches in our area. I posted it.”

Again she found success with 15 families right away.

Foreman doesn’t have children of her own, but remembers missing out on things because her mom worked so hard to provide for her.

“I said, you know what? My past has to be a testament to where I am today. So I really go in wholeheartedly wanting the best for them,” she said of the family she serves. “I really enjoy it. I really enjoy it.”