It’s an economic strategy created to develop small businesses.

And it also happens to have art, wine and music.

Second Saturday ArtWalk in St. Petersburg has about 200 artists to visit, according St. Pete Arts Alliance, the event's host.

Five Deuces Galleria is a stop on the ArtWalk. It’s a gallery space that also houses 22 loft spaces filled with artists from various disciplines.

Geoffrey Baris is one of them — a former fashion photographer turned abstract nature photographer.

“I do a lot of water reflections. I do a lot of long exposures. I do flowers underwater,” said Baris, standing in a space filled with color and designs. He says many visitors mistake his photography for paintings — a great compliment.

Baris is also a curator, giving space for developing artists in the Galleria’s monthly shows.

“It's kind of a giving, mentoring kind of thing that we do here. We bring in new people,” said Baris. “They're totally excited, and people get to see their art.”

And thanks to ArtWalk — a lot more people see their work.

That's something galleria co-owner Aurelijus Baltusis applauds.

“The benefit, obviously, more people, more visibility, more and more exposure. I think that's what we strive for,” said Baltusis.

Five Dueces Galleria is located in the Warehouse Arts District.

Others are the Central Arts District, EDGE District, Grand Central District and downtown Waterfront Arts District.

ArtWalk is held every second Saturday of the month from 5 p.m. – 9 p.m.