SEMINOLE, Fla. — There’s no other place she’d rather be than in the classroom.

Today’s A+ Teacher Stephanie Hahn knew in her heart at a very young age that teaching was her calling.

Hahn, who teaches Kindergarten at Bardmoor Elementary, goes to great lengths to make students and their parents feel like family.

What You Need To Know

“I love what I do, this is my family,” said Hahn, who has been teaching at Bardmoor for five years. “They know it. I call them my school babies.”

Love flows in her Kindergarten class. Building family relationships is the number one priority for Hahn, whatever it takes.

“I’m really open to communication,” Hahn said. “Even though, I’m not supposed to be working at night, I respond to night emails, evening emails, those early morning calls, that sort of thing, because I want the parents to know I have your baby, and they will be successful with me. I will make it work.

“If you tell me this is something that need to happen, we will make it happen.”

And she doesn’t stop in the classroom. She’s committed to helping colleagues and making the whole campus successful.

Ms. Hahn leads several teams and campus projects.

“She’s one of my teachers that I can say, ‘Hey Stephanie, can you?’ And she’s like yup, what do I need to do. She never gives me the ‘ewww,’ she jumps on board and takes on any task that I’ve asked her to do. She’s asked for leadership roles.” Said Bardmoor Pincipal Leigh Brown.

Teaching, leading and embracing the extra work all come naturally to Hahn.

It’s all about fulfilling her childhood dream.

“I’ve always wanted to teach since I was a little girl. I played classroom with the neighborhood girls. I played classroom with all my friends.”

Even back then, she could see the bright future.

 “We’re learning all day long, but I’m joking and I have little sayings. We have dances and games,” she said. “We have all kind of fun things we do, just to keep them more motivated and wanting to come back to learn every day.”