As the debate over masks in schools continues, there’s another conversation happening that involves college-aged students who aren’t vaccinated.

What You Need To Know

  • USF researchers are studying the spread of COVID in non-vaccinated people

  • "Prevent COVID-U" has participants from 18-29 years old.

  • Participants are compensated, tested regularly and can receive a vaccine at any time

Researchers at the University of South Florida are conducting a study called Prevent COVID-U. It examines participants between the ages of 18 and 29.

Dr. Kami Kim is conducting the study. She said researchers will track people who are vaccinated — and those who are not — to see how the virus is spread if they do contract it.

“The study is basically for people who are not vaccinated, who have not had COVID, and the real sort of comparison is the people who are sort of on the fence. They take the vaccine, they aren’t actively against it, but it doesn’t matter to them so much,” Dr. Kim said.

The vaccine is available to any participants at any time during the study.

USF is one of 50 sites across the country conducting the Prevent COVID-U study.

“We’re going to increase the awareness of the vaccine. People who are willing to give us swabs and give us blood are going to get compensated for their time and effort. We’ll learn from the ones that get COVID, because we’re testing them constantly, who they’re giving it to if they have symptoms,” Dr. Kim explained.

To participate in the study or find out more, visit this website