TAMPA, Fla. — Hillsborough County is one of many school districts dealing with a bus driver shortage and parents are now complaining about delays.

General Manager of Hillsborough County School Transportation Jim Beekman says they've had to redo many of their routes to accommodate the more than 80,000 students they serve. 

They are short by 100 drivers. 

Beekman says they began losing drivers who took an early retirement during the pandemic and are still struggling to replace them. 

Beekman is also urging parents to utilize the Parent Link app to learn of any delays. 

He says having more drivers will help lower the count of students riding these buses. 

A county they especially want to keep low with COVID cases spiking once again. 

Beekman says there are great benefits to the job of being a bus driver — especially when it comes to scheduling. 

"They got to have a clean driving record and they got to love kids," said Beekman. "They can work the same time their kids are in school and are off by the time their students are off school. There's a lot perks to being a bus driver but you got to love kids."

Those interested in applying should visit the following link