POLK COUNTY, Fla. — A junior at Wharton High School missed his senior year after being shot six times in his neighborhood.

What You Need To Know

  • Ziayan Lucus, 17, is in the hospital fighting for his life after having a stroke

  • The teen was shot 6 times back in February and undergone major reconstructive surgery

  • Lucas was put into a medically induced coma last week

  • His family is working to get him transfored to Tampa General Hospital

Ziayan Lucus, 17, is currently fighting for his life at Brandon General Hospital. His brother Eric Timmons said this has been a rough year for him, starting back in February.

“He and his friends were leaving the store when they had a run-in with a few kids on bikes. Words were exchanged and then they all went their separate ways,” explained Timmons. “But a few hours later, those same kids on bikes came back and ambushed my brother. They shot him six times.”

Lucus was shot in his torso, chest area, and arms. Doctors had to do major reconstructive surgery and even remove some organs, according to his brother.

“His life was out on halt,” said Timmons. “He spent a month in the hospital and when he was released, I brought him out of his old environment in Tampa to live with me in Brandon.”

Timmons said Lucus missed his senior year in high school due to his injuries, adding that he and his brother don’t have a lot of family support.

“That was back in February when he was shot. Last week I was about to take my daughter out and went to check on him and found him laying on the floor with foam coming from his mouth – he was having a stroke,” said Timmons.

Lucas is now fighting for his life from a hospital bed.

“They removed part of his skull and placed it in his stomach to preserve it,” said Timmons. “He had a lot of brain swelling and tissue damage.”

Lucas was put into a medically induced coma last week. His family has asked for him to be transferred to Tampa General Hospital.

“This is not a trauma center and I just think it would be best for him to be transferred but we were told there were no beds available," said Timmons. “We’re still waiting but every minute, every hour, every day counts. My brother is fighting for his life and we’re not going to give up on him."

Lucas is currently located at Brandon General Hospital. At last check, Timmons said that the facility was working on a transfer.

The family is asking for prayers as they help Lucas fight for his life.