NASSAU COUNTY, Fla. — Amelia Island is a historic coastal community full of history and small-town charm, but the best way to see it might not be quite what you expect! 

“So this controls your speed, this is the remote,” Hugh Harris explained to an eager group of boarders. 

What You Need To Know

  • Tourists can explore Amelia Island on an electric skateboard

  • Amelai Island Board Rentals gives guided tours

  • The tours take you to different points of interest across the island

  • For more info, tap here

You start at one of the local parks on Amelia Island with tour guide Hugh Harris and owner of Amelia Island Board Rentals. 

He’ll teach you the ropes of these skateboards that pack a bit more of a punch than a typical board. 

The boards you’ll be exploring the island on are electric skateboards.

Using your handheld remote, Hugh will take you on a personalized tour through the streets of the Island.

Weaving through the historic streets and even hopping off the boards to stop at unique places around the island.

“Your first drink of Coca-Cola that was served outside of a Pharmacy was served right here at the oldest bar in Florida,” Hugh explained as we explored one of the destinations, an old pub. 

These tours taking you to different points of interest across the island, exploring historical homes, local eateries and pubs, all of them telling the history and stories of the area.

All while you're learning to cruise on the island's most unique mode of transportation. 

"It's the coolest thing for sure, I love it! Best thing to do on Amelia Island for sure.” 

Amelia Island Board Rentals doesn't have a brick-and-mortar location so tap here for their website.