“I had a lady one time bring in a trailer of her ex's stuff.”

What You Need To Know

  • Peace through destruction: Bradenton business lets folks blow off some steam

  • One of the most popular items to destroy is a printer (thanks, Office Space)

  • Every session comes with a bucket of smashable items

  • LINK: Learn more about Smashed!

That’s Carly Baker, Smashmaster at Smashed! in Bradenton, with examples of  the best stuff people brought in to beat on with a bat or sledgehammer or tennis racket.

The idea is that room rage there is righteous.

And there is peace through destruction.

Every session ticket comes with a bucket of 20 smashable items and one medium-seized electronic.  

Their most popular request are printers, thanks to the 1999 dark comedy Office Space, where a group of coworkers take out their frustrations on a problematic printer from their workplace.

“Most people want to come in and smash a printer,” said Baker. “So we go through them pretty fast.”

There is an a la carte menu as well- with items like lamps, huge light bulbs and windshields.

There is a waiver, a hair net, gloves, a jumpsuit and a protective facemask.

Weapons like bats are provided. You can only wield one weapon at a time.

They blast music for you- anything on Spotify.

And if you like something in your smash bucket- like a tiny glass and a teacup, saucer, for example, you can keep it.

Young people 10 to 17 are allowed with an adult over 18.

Tips: Lamps are an extra item, but are really fun.