ODESSA, Fla. — It's second nature for Melissa Palomino to wrangle up the chickens inside one of the coops at Old McMicky's Farm. 

What You Need To Know

“One is Rocky Road and Minty Chocolate Chip is around here somewhere," she explained the quirky names for each of the chickens. 

Her animal care staff have named each one of the dozens of chickens. At this point, they're all like pets to her. 

“We're the ones who go to the feed store and get them when they're little babies and raise them since they were three days old," Palomino said. 

Finding a passion for animals as a child, Melissa now works here caring for all the animals on McMicky's Farm. 

“Put this one on top and give it a big squeeze," Palmonio said as she demonstrated how to milk a cow. 

On Old McMicky's Farm, you'll get to experience all the charms of old farm living and learn to do it yourself.

“It's called an udder and it's filled with milk," Palomino said to a young group of eager listeners.

The farm is part of the former Camp Keystone, Florida's oldest continuously inhabited camp, that served tens of thousands of campers for nearly six decades. 

Now they're continuing that tradition, preserving what's left of Camp Keystone and providing an educational animal farm for anyone unafraid of getting their hands a little dirty.

For more information on their farm tours and venue rentals, head to their website.