TALLAHASSEE, Fla. — On Thursday, Florida's Joint Legislative Budget Commission is considering a multi-million dollar request from Florida's nursing home industry leaders for emergency funding.

What You Need To Know

  • National data shows more than 400,000 nursing home workers have quit their jobs during the pandemic, causing a strain on the industry

  • State nursing home industry leaders are calling for a nursing home reform package

With nursing home workers leaving the industry at unprecedented levels because of the pandemic, leaders said it is time for the state to act.

Nursing home industry leaders said the staffing shortfall is leading to many facilities in Florida turning to "temp" workers, contributing to nearly half of all of the additional money nursing homes have been forced to spend during the pandemic, more than $600 million.

They are calling for state lawmakers to pass a nursing home reform package, including more money for apprenticeships, promotions, student loan forgiveness, and more.

''Staff are switching employers, they're leaving the industry, they're tired, they're stressed, they're challenged," Gail Matillo with the Florida Senior Living Association said.

News Service of Florida is reporting the budget commission is considering on Thursday about $100 million of Medicaid money to nursing homes over a three-month period.

This commission can make budget decisions before the legislative session.

Funding for nursing homes will be a key focus in the 2022 session which begins in January.