PASCO COUNTY, Fla. — Thousands of Pasco County middle and high school students will lose their bus rides when the new school year starts in the fall.

What You Need To Know

  • Pasco County Schools will cut bus routes due to driver shortage this fall

  • It will cut routes for middle and high school students in a two-mile radius of a school campus

  • The school system is trying to cut back on buses arriving late to school

Due to an ongoing bus driver shortage, Pasco County Schools say “unfunded” busing will be discontinued.

The changes would be for students living within a two-mile radius of a school and who have a safe walking path to school.

Parents started getting calls earlier this week about this upcoming change, which will affect students in the fall.

The school district confirmed with our partners at the Tampa Bay Times that the change allows the district to cut 89 drop-offs and pickups.

One reason Pasco County Schools are doing this is to cut back on students arriving late to school.

They attempted to fix this in January by changing start times for several schools. But even still, buses are still arriving late because there are not enough drivers.

The change means some students would have to walk two miles to school early in the morning.

Due to traffic safety, state law sets criteria for hazardous walking routes within the two-mile radius from school. The district says it will continue to provide buses for students who live in areas who meet that criteria.

Pasco County Schools are down more than 50 bus driver positions. They are continuing the recruit drivers.